Our Vision

PF Technologies will become your Information Technology partner. We believe that in order for you to achieve your company’s strategic goals you need to concentrate on your company’s core business. We will ensure that appropriate technology is available to ensure that these strategic goals can be achieved. In many cases the systems and the availability of these systems will lead to your company’s competitive edge. It is the availability of your Information Technology systems that will be our direct focus. The aspect of future availability and therefore future planning must also be included. At PF Technologies we believe that your business goals are as important to us as they are to you. If at all possible we will ensure that your promises are met. In treating our relationship with you, our client, as a partnership both parties will reap the benefits.

Our Mission

To enable us to serve your needs for on-going support in these areas we offer a number of support options. The client can choose which option will best suit his needs at the time.

We intend to grow with each client and enable the client to change support options as and when required.

A Support Level Agreement can be drawn up with each client. In this agreement the client can specify particular needs. Without such an agreement in place we can still offer support as and when required on a time and material basis.

Our Company Values

The underlying corporate values underpinning the business approach of PF Technologies incorporate the following:

Foundational values: Integrity and honesty, Innovation, Customer orientation, Accuracy, Commitment, Enthusiasm.
Service feature values: Quality service, Creativity, Reliability.

Resultant benefit values: Customer service, Excellence, Empowerment, Competitive edge, Achievement, Responsiveness.
Legacy values: Credibility, Consistency, Accessibility.